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  • Survey, study and identify the lignocellulosic wood and non – wood resources.
  • Study of the quality and usability of lignocellulosic raw materials in various industries. Determine the suitable technology to be applied for the better use of lignocellulosic resources.
  • Conduct studies based on two factors of non-dependence and appropriate consumption pattern, Determine the suitable technology to be applied for the better use of lignocellulosic resources.
  • Submit analytical reports on the products of cellulosic plants. Propose projects deemed justified from economic and technical points.
  • Design, and execute the engineering works, set-up and put into operation the plants and installations related to cellulosic industries and resources.
  • Follow closely the new advances and trends in the worlds wood and paper industries and outline the required strategies.
  • Submit plans for and execute educational projects aimed to enhance the professional skill and efficiency of the man power in wood and paper industries.
  • Study the position of the wood industry within the general economic frame – work of the country and present suitable solutions.
  • Identify the deficiencies in existing resources and present applicable solutions for eliminating the defects and shortages.
  • Study and propose methods for replacement of cellulosic materials by non–cellulosic substances. Define the substitution patterns for the better and more suitable use of the resources.
  • Forest utilization and adoption of mechanization in Forestry
  • Methods of harvesting and waste reduction
  • Modern Innovations in sollolusical industry and development (Machinery, Mechanization, Education)
  • Study of world standard and establishing relevant national standards .
  • Waste reducing methods and improving waste uses.
  • Study of potentials& the ways of supplying raw materials for pulp & paper industry including forests & non-forests wood sources, bagasse, agricultural residues and various chemicals.
  • Present consumption and future requirements for paper and suggestions for development on macro scale as well as investment priority in raw materials resources and pulp & paper industries.
  • Quality & quantity study of paper products, waste reduction techniques and the way of improvement in pulp and paper industries.
  • Productivity improvement in pulp & paper industries .The role of management, training, e exuipment & technology.
  • Environmental and protectional role of Forests and Environmental evaluation of Forests in comparison to wood products.
  • Publish the results of studies and research works conducted by the corporation and its affiliated laboratories. Promote the propagation of scientific knowledge in the respective fields through international trade media and by publishing books and papers, arranging forums, conferences, visits, etc. study, analyses and outline the consumption pattern of the cellulosic products, as based on the economic system of the country.
  • Establish well – stocked reference and periodical libraries for the uses of researchers, technicians and other interested persons. Print and publish scientific works and periodicals needed in the related fields.
  • Establish scientific relations with Iranian and foreign research centers and try to coordinate efforts so that repeated works could be avoided.
  • R & D and consulting section

In this section, machine – design services, completing plant design and consulting on technology adaptation are offered to related industries, both private private and state – owned.

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