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Iranian Research Company


Iran Corporation for Engineering & Research on Lignocellulosic Resource & Industry (ICERLI)

is the only company holding an official permit to conduct research in the field of cellulosic and lignocellulosic resources and industries in Iran which is also rated as a consulting engineering company by the Iranian Planning and Management Organization. ICERLI is recognized by UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development) as a company authorized to establish guidelines, evaluate, and assess the exploitation of cellulosic resources. The corporation was established in 1979 by a founder group of over 60 large-scale cellulosic industrial plants to implement extensive research projects in the field of cellulosic resources and industries.
ICERLI acts under the Ministry of Industries and Mines and according to its Constitution, it is committed to providing research and engineering services to industrial units active in the field at no additional charge. To perform its major function and in collaboration with research institutions and academics, ICERLI has since its foundation offered extensive and varied research services to its founding industrial units and provided improvements and solutions to their problems.

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